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Fishing in spring is cold, we all know this. However our parent company, Aberdeen Watersports have an excellent range of thermal protection designed for divers. The Fourth Element range is ideal for those who wear waders in spring, whilst for extreme fishing or float tubing consider the Weezle undersuit, if it is warm enough for an Artic diver it is warm enough for any angler!

Last season, in very wet or wintry conditions I used 3mm neoprene gloves, again if warm enough for a diver, they will be ideal for a early February angler, good for keeping the hands comfortable when returning fish and kelts.

Never suffer damp or wet waders again!
All our wader repairs are done to dive suit standards, using scuba quality materials. We can re-attach felt sole boots,  seal seams and repair punctures. We offer a full pressure test service. In urgent situations we can do an overnight service by arrangement. However for minor bearable leaks consider getting a set of Dampire wader driers these are low cost and make a real rapid difference. Also usefull for condensation in the car or boat!

As for choice of fly, get a Park Shrimp, only available from Aberdeen Field Sports!

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