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Iron plate action shooting or I.P.A.S, is the latest and ultimate action shooting discipline, designed specifically for the multi shot Co2 and Air cartridge pistols.

The discipline relies on two basic principles, accuracy and speed. To be successful in this discipline you must be well rounded in both these key principals.
For example it is not enough to be super accurate without speed, and speed alone is nothing without accuracy.
Iron plate action shooting or I.P.A.S, is the latest and ultimate action shooting discipline given to GARC Members, designed specifically for the multi shot Co2 pistols.

Competitions involve the shooting of several stages where five steel plates either 10″ or 12″ or 12”x18” and set out at varying ranges and different but challenging layouts need to be hit and each sequence is timed. Each stage is shot 5 times and the slowest of the times is discarded, the remaining four being your score. It’s fast, it’s furious and most of all, it’s fun.

Pistols and Ammunition
The following pistols are allowed:
  • Cloned Co2 – these are replicas of centrefire pistols that are powered by a CO2 cartridge. CO2 guns use a disposable cylinder, a ‘powerlet’, that is purchased pre-filled with 12 grams of liquefied carbon dioxide.
  • T.A.C  - these are multi-shot air guns based on the Brocock Air Cartridge System, which uses a pre-charged, single shot air cartridge (similar in size to a .38 Special cartridge).
  • The following pistols are not allowed: Target pistols, Single shot air pistols, Airsoft pistols and BB firing pistols.

The ammunition allowed is standard lead-based air pellets; no steel based pellets or BB’s are permitted. This is to ensure that the pellet is destroyed on impact with the plate.

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