35 Waterloo Quay
Within Aberdeen Watersports
The Harbour
Aberdeen, AB11 5BS
Tel: 01224 581 313
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Club History
The Grampain Air Rifle Club was founded following a growing necescity  for a hub of information and resources for the large and enthusiastic group of local air rifle fanatic's.
From its beginning, the GARC has been organised and run as part of Aberdeen Field Sports drive to instruct people in the care and use of air guns that it had sold to past and new customers alike.
We currently have a growing membership from all walks of life and all styles of air rifle.
We are insured under BFTA (The British Field Target Association)
Policy Number : RKK391075/0431

Chairman       Graham Ellis       Vice Chairman       Chris Ward
Secretary / Treasurer       Jason Topley       Safety Officer       Stephen Habgood
Committee Member 1       Mike Simmonds                
Committee Member 2       TBA                
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Club Membership
Each new member must have insurance via BASC or any other Shooting Insurance organisation that gives third party insurance.
For details contact us for the BASC membership information pack.
Club Fees
The initial joining fee will be £45.00 for a period of one year from the date of 1st September - 31st August.
Family Membership (Conditions Apply £55.00)
The monthly club meeting to be held at Waulkmill Sporting Ground, will have an entry fee of £4.00 per monthly event.
Membership Application Form
Memberships PDF Form To Follow

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Hunter Field Target (HFT) is a combination of Field Target Shooting and Hunting, which creates a fun, challenging and competitive sport for all the family. There are shooters of all ages and abilities that regularly take part in the sport, either at their local club and competing nationally on the UKAHFT circuit.

In a Nutshell
A typical HFT course that follows the UKAHFT rules consists of 30 metal knockdown targets at distances ranging from 8 to 45 yards. The targets are laid out in consecutive lanes, with each lane comprising of a lane marker (usually its number), a peg, a target reset string, and of course the target itself. The main skill of HFT is target range estimation, because the target ranges are not actually shown. It is this skill that makes a "marksman" shooter. Of course, you need to know your equipment too! The best thing about HFT, is practice makes perfect! You get two-minutes to shoot each target, although most people take less than a minute. As already mentioned, each lane has a peg - the shooter must be touching this peg by his/her body or gun when the shot is fired.

Hunter Field Target in more detail...
Shooting an HFT course does not require any special equipment other than an air rifle fitted with a telescopic sight. You may use any air rifle, as long as it within the legal limit of 12 ftlbs. (You may have your rifle checked at the club, if you are unsure of its power). Telescopic sights are not essential, but they are highly recommended. Shooting a 45 yard target with "open sights" would be extremely difficult (although not impossible). Rifles used in HFT vary a great deal, from recoiling "break barrels" to the latest Pre-charged Pneumatic (PCP) rifles.

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